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  • 23 February 2024
  • Mr A. Siddiqui

Your Guide To Breast Reduction Recovery

Here at Breast and Body Clinic, we believe that the path to the best results for your breast reduction surgery […]

  • 16 February 2024
  • Mr A. Siddiqui

What are different breast reduction procedure types and which is right for me?

A breast reduction surgery can be a life-changing procedure for women dealing with the pain and discomfort of extremely large […]

  • 10 November 2023
  • Mr A. Siddiqui

How do large breasts cause back pain?

Breasts can sometimes become a source of discomfort, especially if our breast size is on the larger side. One common […]

  • 30 October 2023
  • Mr A. Siddiqui

A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery: Side Effects and Risks Included

Breast reduction surgery is a popular procedure performed to reduce the size of large breasts. It can reduce physical, emotional, […]

  • 30 October 2023
  • Mr A. Siddiqui

Top 7 Recovery Tips After Breast Reduction Surgery

Following breast reduction surgery (cosmetic surgery to remove breast tissue) it’s important to take care of your body for optimal […]

  • 30 October 2023
  • Mr A. Siddiqui

What Does Your BMI Need To Be For A Successful Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a great option for people who have excess skin after losing weight or after pregnancy. […]

  • 30 October 2023
  • Mr A. Siddiqui

What Do the Perfect Boobs Look Like?

Breasts have been a symbol of femininity and sexuality for centuries, and the notion of “perfect” breasts has been discussed […]

  • 30 October 2023
  • Mr A. Siddiqui

How Much Is A Breast Reduction – UK

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a life-changing procedure for many women who suffer from the physical […]

Are You a Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

If you’re considering getting a tummy tuck, knowing when to get the procedure is very important.
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