Breast and Body Clinic is the premier destination for a variety of cosmetic procedures, and we are particularly known for our expertise in mummy makeovers. Our leading consultant, Mr Aftab Siddiqui, is a seasoned plastic and cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience spanning over 19 years. With more than 9,000 successful plastic surgery procedures to his name, his hallmark lies in crafting natural-looking results via bespoke treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals.

From breast augmentation to liposuction, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance and refine your appearance. Our expert team is highly skilled in advanced procedures, including mini tummy tucks and full tummy tucks. We’re also renowned for our aesthetic contouring treatments, such as liposuction.

Breast and Body Clinic holds an exceptional reputation for nipple tucks and mommy makeovers. And for those searching ‘Liposuction Near Me’, we offer this cutting-edge procedure at all our locations, ensuring we’re always within your reach.

Our clinics are conveniently situated across the Northwest to ensure accessibility and ease for all our patients. You can find us in the heart of Manchester, nestled in the historic city of Chester, conveniently located in the bustling region of Cheshire, and within the serene surroundings of Newton-le-Willows.

At Breast and Body Clinic, our goal is to make your journey towards aesthetic transformation as smooth as possible, providing the highest quality care every step of the way. Come visit us, and let’s take the first step towards your new, confident self today.

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Our Approach

The Breast and Body Clinic was established on a simple yet impactful philosophy. We believe in a patient-centric, consultant-led approach, where our surgeons forge a close partnership with each patient to craft the most optimal results that align with their unique aspirations.

The decision to undergo any form of cosmetic procedure is significant, and we respect the gravity of that choice. We aim to provide you with a seamless experience where you’re guided and supported at each step of your journey. Our dedicated team elucidates all aspects of the procedures in detail, empowering you to make informed decisions about the treatments that best serve your aesthetic goals.

We pride ourselves on offering personalised experiences under the expert leadership of our surgeons. From the moment of your first interaction with us, through your initial consultation, and continuing to comprehensive aftercare, our surgeons strive to create a comfortable environment. Our emphasis is on delivering a high quality service that is as remarkable as the results you will see.

At the Breast and Body Clinic, whether you’re considering a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck procedure, liposuction, nipple tucks, or a mini tummy tuck, our commitment remains the same: to guide and support you towards the transformation you desire with utmost care and precision.

Why Partner With Us

At the Breast and Body Clinic, we’re dedicated to crafting personalised treatment plans designed to produce the most natural-looking transformations. Our focus on ensuring the well-being and safety of our patients is paramount to our approach. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider us for your cosmetic procedures:

  • Proven Excellence: Our track record speaks volumes, with consistently outstanding results achieved across a broad range of procedures, from breast augmentations and tummy tucks to liposuction.
  • Extensive Experience: With over 19 years of expertise in the field and more than 9,000 successful procedures under our belt, we bring a depth of experience that inspires confidence. Our before and after galleries offer a glimpse of the transformational journeys we’ve facilitated.
  • Comfort-Centric Procedures: We offer advanced procedures like tummy tucks and breast reductions designed to make the experience as comfortable as possible.
  • Mummy Makeover Masters: Our expertise in mummy makeovers sets us apart, providing comprehensive transformations tailored to each patient’s needs.
  • Natural Results: We use sophisticated techniques, such as macro, micro, and nano fat transfers, to achieve natural-looking outcomes that enhance your natural beauty.
  • Collaborative Care: All our specialists work in close communication, fostering a collaborative environment that ensures optimal outcomes for every patient. You can meet our team on our About Us page.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We leverage the latest, safest, and most effective equipment and technology in all our procedures.
  • Acclaimed Recognition: Our commitment to superior quality has been acknowledged with accolades such as the 1st prize for best clinical design at the National Research Collaborative meeting in London.

Choose Breast and Body Clinic for your cosmetic journey and experience the perfect blend of professional excellence, personalised care, and innovative practices. Contact us to embark on your transformative journey today.

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Top specialist and surgeons only for a guaranteed success and maximum result.

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Ultimate Care
for You

Thorough following-up with our team in 1 week, 2 week, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months, 12 and 24 months diligent post-operative care.

payment plans

Payment Plans

We are offering flexible payment plans at zero interest rate

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3D Online Consultation

Modern and highly effective technology.

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All of our specialists work in communication with each other and often collaborate together.

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19 Years

Experience in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery practice in Northwest.

Our Journey And Commitment

The Breast and Body Clinic has always been more than a cosmetic surgery clinic. We see ourselves as partners in your transformative journey, committed to helping you embrace a new chapter of confidence and self-love. Our story is rooted in a deep understanding of our patient’s needs and aspirations and a resolute commitment to making their dreams a reality.

Mr Aftab Siddiqui established the clinic with an unwavering commitment to offering patient-centred, consultant-led cosmetic care. Over the past two decades, we’ve become a trusted name for a multitude of cosmetic procedures, from breast augmentations to liposuction, nipple tucks, and tummy tucks.

What sets us apart is our steadfast dedication to achieving natural-looking results that align with each patient’s unique physique and aesthetic desires. We accomplish this through a multi-faceted approach that combines sophisticated techniques, cutting-edge technology, and the rich expertise of our seasoned surgeons. Our team prides itself on performing a comprehensive range of procedures, including advanced offerings like tummy tucks and breast reductions, making the transformation journey as comfortable as possible for our patients.

We understand the personal significance and emotional depth attached to the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. These understandings shape our philosophy and approach as we strive to provide an individually tailored, immersive, and supportive experience for each of our patients. From your initial consultation to post-procedure aftercare, we’re here to guide, support, and ensure your comfort throughout the process.

A significant part of our work involves sharing our expertise and understanding with our patients. We believe that informed decisions are the cornerstone of successful cosmetic journeys. That’s why we maintain a transparent dialogue with our patients, walking them through each step of their chosen procedure, answering queries, and addressing any concerns they may have.

Our commitment to patient safety is uncompromising. At Breast and Body Clinic, we continually integrate the latest, safest, and most effective equipment and technologies into our practice. This dedication to safety, combined with our extensive experience and collaborative care approach, ensures optimal outcomes for every patient.

It’s our belief that cosmetic surgery is not just about enhancing physical attributes but also about uplifting one’s overall well-being and self-confidence. We’ve seen firsthand how these procedures can have a profound impact on a person’s outlook, boosting their self-esteem and improving their quality of life. This is the transformation we aim to facilitate for every patient who walks through our doors.

Our accolades and recognitions, including the first prize for best clinical design at the National Research Collaborative meeting in London, are a testament to our commitment to excellence. But the truest measure of our success lies in the smiles of our satisfied patients, in their stories of transformation, and in the enhanced confidence they carry forward into their lives.

At Breast and Body Clinic, we’re not just about cosmetic procedures; we’re about people, stories, and transformations. Come embark on your journey with us and let us help you unveil the most confident and vibrant version of yourself.

Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

Meet Mr Siddiqui


Mr Siddiqui is a Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, based at The Countess of Chester Hospital in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. His special interests include:

  • Breast surgery
  • Tummy Tucks
  • Mummy Makeovers
  • Facial reconstruction following skin cancer surgery
  • Complex hand and microsurgery
  • Abdominal wall reconstruction
  • Perineal reconstruction
  • Plus a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures

He trained extensively in plastic surgery before becoming a Consultant in the NHS and developing a private practice in Manchester and other areas of the Northwest. He is considered to be one of the top 10 cosmetic surgeons in Manchester.

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  • Full member of British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS)
  • Full member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS)
  • Member of British Society of Surgery of the Hand (BSSH)
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
  • Full membership of British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd)
  • Specialist in Plastic Surgery – General Medical Council (GMC)
Mr Mobinulla Syed

Mr Mobinulla Syed


Mr Syed has been a specialist in his industry since 2005. He is a plastic surgery consultant at the Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals NHS trust in central London and runs a successful practice with a specialist interest in child and adolescent reconstructive surgery.

He was selected for specialist plastic surgical training on the renowned Pan Thames (London) rotation following a national selection. He has since trained at many internationally renowned centres including St Andrews Centre for plastic surgery, Royal London Hospital, Royal Marsden Hospital, St Thomas’s Hospital and Leeds General infirmary.

  • Full member of British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS)
  • Specialist and Trainer in Plastic Surgery – General Medical Council
  • Member and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd)
  • Member of British Society of Surgery of the Hand (BSSH)

Dr. Zafar Naveed


Dr Naveed Zafar is an NHS Consultant Anaesthetist with an invaluable amount of experience. He is aware that anaesthesia can be a daunting experience and provides a variety of anaesthesia techniques to ensure that patients’ care is tailored to their individual needs. His gentle approach is aimed to offer a personalised, painless and memorable experience to our patients. He looks after the patients right from after the initial consultation through to the post-operative period. At times he organises telephone consultations with patients in the preoperative period to assess and understand patients’ conditions and address any concerns regarding the anaesthesia.  

He works as a Consultant Lead Anaesthetist at Macclesfield District General Hospital, Macclesfield. Patient safety and postoperative well-being define his professional credo. 

Dr Zafar Naveed
Rachel Pundick

Rachel Pundick


Hi, my name is Rachel and I have worked as a PA medical secretary for over 30 years. Having originally qualified as a secretarial linguist I diversified to the medical world initially working with Children’s Services and Paediatric Consultants in the NHS before moving into the private sector. During my many years as a medical secretary I have worked in many fields and understand what patients/clients are looking for and that they require a caring service when looking to medical treatment. My hobbies include travelling and reading plus of course spending time with my family.

Deshara Pariag


My name is Deshara, I have worked in mental health for over 8 years including the NHS and privately. I ama Person-Centred Counsellor and I also practice Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT).

My services are provided online via video call and face to face at our London and Essex practice.Video call has become an increasingly popular option over the last two years.

Deshara works with cosmetic surgery companies and surgeons to ensure that the patient is safe, there are no underlying mental health difficulties that could cause mental health repercussions and the patient has the best cosmetic surgery experience.

  • A cosmetic surgery therapy assessment can help you understand
  • Your motivation for cosmetic surgery
  • Preparation for surgery, emotionally, physically, diet and any other lifestyle changes that could be made
  • Preparation post-surgery
  • Your support network
  • Managing expectations
  • Understanding what this will change post-surgery
Deshara Pariag
Barbara Ellison

Barbara Ellison


Hi, My name is Barbara and I have worked in the cosmetic industry for over 10 years. Having originally qualified as a Skin specialist advisor I diversified to the medical sector, initially working with Dermatology clinics and later assisting Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists in private clinics. During my many years working with Plastic Surgeons, I understand what patients/clients are looking for and that they require a caring and responsible service when looking for medical treatment. My hobbies include travelling and reading plus of course spending time with my family.

Barbara Ellison


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Barbara Ellison
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