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  • 3 November 2023
  • Mr A. Siddiqui

Last updated on November 10, 2023

Breast lift surgery can be a game-changer for many women. Our breasts can sometimes lose their perkiness due to age, weight changes, or childbirth. But, like all surgeries, it comes with its pros and cons.

Our experts from Breast and Body Clinic dive into the potential risks and the benefits of breast lift surgery so you can make informed decisions about this cosmetic procedure to change the appearance of your breasts.

What is breast lift surgery and who can benefit from it?

Breast lift surgery, also known as ‘mastopexy’, is a cosmetic surgery to correct sagging breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding breast tissue. This results in a firmer breast appearance for a younger, perkier bust.

Women with sagging breasts due to age, breastfeeding, or significant weight changes (such as weight loss) may especially see the benefits of breast lift surgery. If you are interested in learning more about breast lift benefits and risks, contact Breast and Body Clinic for your free consultation.

benefits of breast lift

A breast lift can help naturally boost your bust, with or without a breast augmentation, by removing excess skin and reshaping your breast tissue.

What are the benefits of breast lift procedures?

There are many benefits of breast lift surgery:

  • restored shape: the procedure provides a more youthful, rounded shape to your breasts
  • improved position: post-surgery, nipples are elevated and will naturally point forward
  • removal of excess skin and breast tissue: The surgery gets rid of unwanted skin and tissue, leading to a firmer and more toned breast appearance. Breast lifts not only remove excess skin but can be combined with a breast reduction where severe sagging is causing skin irritation in the breast crease or underarms
  • better symmetry: For those who have one breast drooping more than the other (asymmetrical breasts), a lift can bring balance and symmetry
    can easily be combined with other procedures: a breast lift procedure can also be combined with breast augmentation (breast implants). This not only lifts sagging breasts but also adds volume or size for a fuller, more youthful appearance
  • increased confidence: after the surgery, many women find a renewed sense of confidence, feeling more at ease in various outfits, including swimsuits

What are the potential risks of breast lift surgery?

Like any other surgical procedure, there are some risks of breast lift surgery.

  • scarring: there might be scars, but they usually fade over time
  • change in sensation: some women might feel less sensation in the nipple area
  • irregular shape: sometimes the breasts might not look exactly alike
  • complications: like infection or bleeding, though these are rare

Prior to your breast lift procedure, your surgeon should discuss all potential breast lift risks and complications so you understand all aspects of your surgery.

benefits of breast lift

There are many risks and benefits of breast lift procedures that you should know before making the decision to have this surgery.

Weighing up the risks and benefits of breast lift surgery.

Making the choice to undergo breast lifts requires careful consideration of both the risks and benefits of breast lift surgery. On the one hand, the surgery can offer rejuvenated, youthful breasts, restoring their shape and positioning. This can be a significant confidence booster, allowing many women to feel more comfortable and self-assured in their clothing choices.

However, like all surgeries, there are potential breast lift risks. Scarring, for instance, is a common concern. While many breast lift scars fade over time, they might not disappear completely. Additionally, some individuals might experience changes in breast or nipple sensation, which could be temporary or long-lasting. It’s essential to be informed about these potential outcomes so you can make a decision that’s right for you.

Breast and Body Clinic offers a free consultation to assess your unique needs and have an in-depth discussion about the surgery. You will know exactly what to expect and will be fully informed about the potential risks and benefits of breast lift surgery so you can weigh up the pros and cons and decide if it is right for you.

benefits of breast lift

There are many considerations when deciding on a surgery to alter the appearance of your breasts, the best course of action is to discuss it with a qualified plastic surgeon.

Is breast lift surgery right for me?

Deciding to have a breast lift is a deeply personal choice. It’s not just about achieving a certain aesthetic; it’s about how you feel in your body and what’s best for your overall well-being. If you’re contemplating the surgery, seeking medical advice is a must. A consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon, such as Mr Siddiqui, will give insights into what to expect, potential risks, and whether it’s a good fit for your health and body type.

It can also be helpful to chat with someone who’s undergone the procedure, gaining first-hand insight into their experience and results. Ultimately, the decision should be based on a blend of professional guidance and personal reflection on your body goals and health priorities.


Does a breast lift really make a difference?

Breast lifts can provide a dramatic transformation by removing excess breast skin and reshaping the breast tissue. Women will see an improvement in the shape, contour and height of their breasts which can enhance their overall appearance and boost their confidence.

How long does breast lift last?

The results of breast lifts are designed to last many years. However, there are natural factors that may impact the longevity of your surgery. This can include things such as ageing, significant weight loss or gain and pregnancy.

What are the disadvantages of a breast lift?

While breast lifts offer many benefits, there are some potential risks of breast lift cosmetic surgery. Scarring, although it generally fades, can remain visible. There’s a chance of altered sensation in the breast or nipple area. Additionally, some individuals might need follow-up procedures or corrections down the line.

Do breasts sag again after breast lift?

Breasts will naturally undergo changes as you age, and gravity will always play a role, so a slight droop over the years is to be expected. However, even with these natural changes, breasts typically don’t revert to their pre-surgery state. Proper care, including wearing supportive bras, can help maintain the lift’s effects.

Mr A. Siddiqui
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Mr A. Siddiqui

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