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Mummy Makeover in Manchester

A Mummy Makeover Surgery is a common name for a combination of breast operation with tummy tuck. The effects of pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding can be different for each individual. A surgical treatment can help in getting back the confidence. Mummy makeover generally involves a breast enlargement or breast uplift or both and a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck. These are performed mostly to improve post pregnancy changes. This procedure has substantially increased in popularity. A full tummy tuck removes skin and fat from the abdominal area and tightens the six pack muscles and might involve liposuction to the flanks to give better shape. A mini tummy tuck is a good option if there is not a lot of excess skin to remove, and the patient is interested in minimising a bulging lower abdomen. A mummy makeover procedures gives the advantage of getting most of post pregnancy changes addressed and minimising the recovery time and getting back to pre-pregnancy shape.

 Benefits of Mummy Makeover

  • Help women to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies and confidence.
  • Improve shape or size of breasts.
  • Removal of excess abdominal skin and fat.
  • Tightening the tummy wall muscles.
  • Increased satisfaction with the overall body contour and shape.

After pregnancy, the lower abs, or rectus abdominus muscles are stretched and the laxity may remain, emphasizing a lower abdominal bulge. The mini tummy tuck is a popular option for women seeking to return to pre-pregnancy abdominal firmness. A tummy tuck is also a good option for men looking to reduce excess tissue after weight loss or even gastric bypass surgery.

The mini tummy tuck generally has a smaller incision than the full tummy tuck, and the patient recovery time is quicker. The procedure for a mini tummy tuck involves a small incision above the pubis, and liposuction or body contouring is usually performed to remove excess fat. The lower abdominal muscles are tightened, and the belly button must be unattached and reattached. Today, there are "signature" belly buttons being advertised, such as "The Rodeo Drive" belly button. This provides a tighter, flatter belly button post surgery. Once the contouring is complete and the muscles tightened, a small flap of skin is lowered to meet the incision point, and the resulting scar can be as small as 2 inches.

Preparing For Your Mummy Makeover Manchester Surgery

The first step for all of our patients is to meet with the surgeon. At the consultation you will be able to discuss with your surgeon what your hope to achieve from the procedure, as well as discuss in detail what may or may not be possible given your existing anatomy. Our Surgeon will take you through the various combinations of procedures available and most suitable for you. The majority of the Mummy Makeover require a general anaesthetic. You should ideally stop smoking 6 weeks prior to surgery and stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements before surgery. You may need preoperative tests prior to surgery, which we will arrange if requireds.

Post Operative Activities

  • Normal daily activities like driving etc are allowed after the first week.
  • Body exercises can be starts from the 6 week onwards.

Is a mummy makeover major surgery?

Yes, mummy makeover is considered to be a major cosmetic procedure because it includes multiple surgeries during one operation and takes time for the body to fully heal. Mummy makeover takes intense planning and preparation on the part of the plastic surgeon and the patient. Most of the women are concerned about recovery time it takes. For this, your surgeon we'll discuss what you can expect when recovering from a mummy makeover, including the amount of time to take off work and how much time it will take to recover.

What can a mummy makeover procedure help?

A mummy makeover surgery empowers a mom as it helps you in attaining a contour body figure and a healthy, glowing skin. It helps in restoring lost volume to breast, correct breast due to sagging, tighten abdominal muscles, restore lost volume or shape in the buttocks, reduce enlarged nipple length due to pregnancy or breastfeeding. This can be achieved effectively by the combination of surgical as well as a non-surgical procedure, including Vaginal rejuvenation, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, facial rejuvenation, and additional skincare treatment.

Is mummy makeover right for you?

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, many mothers cannot naturally achieve their desired body through diet and exercise. Mummy makeovers are designed to prevent the physical effects of childbearing. Every mummy makeover is different as every woman’s body and their lifestyle is unique. There are many plastic surgery procedures to help restore a mummy’s post-pregnancy body.

Mummy makeover is a combination of surgeries involving the breast, abdomen, waist, hips and thighs designed to restore the body to its original contours and appearance prior to childbearing. The procedures typically involved are breast reduction, breast augmentation and breast lift, a tummy tuck and liposuction. Most often a mummy makeover combines a tummy tuck with breast surgery to address the main areas affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding. You may like to see above pre and post-operation images which can help you visualise your results before making a final decision.

How long is mummy makeover recovery?

The recovery time after a mummy makeover will depend on the details of your surgery, including which procedures were performed, as well as how closely you follow your surgeon's postoperative guidelines. In a number of cases, when tummy tuck or other major body lifting procedures are performed, patients need to take at least 2–3 weeks off of work after surgery. For less extensive procedures, patients may be able to return to work after about 1–2 weeks. However, strenuous physical activity – such as heavy lifting, straining, and exercise will still be off-limits for up to 4 - 8 weeks.

Dr. Siddqui will carefully monitor your healing progress and determine when you can safely resume your normal daily routines, including returning to work. Most patients are considered fully recovered after 3–4 months, but the final results of mummy makeover surgery can take about 6–12 months to develop as the residual swelling resolves and the tissues settle completely.

Here is a rough estimate of the recovery time for the most common procedures:

  • Breast lift and/or augmentation – back to work within a few days, six weeks before lifting or strenuous exercise.
  • Liposuction – back to work the next day, six weeks before lifting or strenuous exercise.
  • Tummy tuck – back to work after about two weeks, at least six weeks before lifting or exercising

When can I exercise after mummy makeover?

Rest is a crucial component of the healing process. In the first several days after surgery, patients should focus on resting. Women need to listen to their bodies and be patient. However, light walks around the house (such as to and from the bathroom) are essential for promoting healthy circulation and minimizing the risk of postoperative complications.

Here is a general timeline on expectations for exercise after mummy makeover surgery:

  • In the first couple of weeks, light walking promotes healthy circulation and the healing process, while reducing the risk of blood clots.
  • 3 – 4 weeks after surgery, patients can add more exercise into their routine. Strenuous forms of exercise should be avoided, but light versions of yoga or walking are acceptable.
  • 6 – 8 weeks post-op, patients can return to regular exercise once cleared by Dr. Siddiqui.

Though it takes a few months to be fully recovered, most mummy makeover patients return to a relatively normal routine within a month. Follow all the instructions given by your doctor and take medications as prescribed, wear compression garments, attend follow-up appointments, and know how to exercise after mummy makeover surgery.

If you would like to learn more about a mummy makeover, including breast augmentation, breast lift, a tummy tuck, or other body contouring methods, schedule an appointment with plastic surgeon Dr.Siddiqui. You can contact our surgeon at the BreastAndBody clinic in Manchester, Chester or Preston, call at 07787 331122, or you can book an appointment by filling out the booking form. We offer the latest in advanced cosmetic techniques and treatments to ensure that every patient gets the results they deserve. We also offer video consultations with Dr. Siddiqui, so start your journey to a better body today.

 What are the risks of having a mummy makeover surgery?

  • Adverse Reaction to Anesthesia
  • Risks Associated With Smoking
  • Infection and Delayed Healing
  • Hematoma

Please contact us for price which will be based on procedures included in the surgery.

General Information on Mummy Makeover

Mummy makeover is a safe treatment that creates transformative results. As a mummy makeover involves many procedures at once, so it can require longer time for recovery. You can lift heavy objects and return to the most normal activities after around 6 weeks. For more detail, visit our clinic in Chester. Our surgeon will guide you according to your health.
Mummy makeover is one of the most popular plastic surgeries technique designed to overcome the common issues faced by women who have gone through pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your mummy makeover may include breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast mastopexy, liposuction. Mummy makeover can be performed during one single operation, or for safety reasons, may be spread out over multiple surgical sessions.
Mummy makeover is an individualized procedure, the recovery time after a mummy makeover will depend on the details of your surgery, including which procedures were performed, as well as how closely you follow the advice of your surgeon’s postoperative guidelines. Most patients are considered fully recovered after 3–4 months, but the final results of the mummy makeover surgery can take about 6–12 months to develop as the residual swelling resolves, and the tissues settle completely. For more advice, please visit our clinic to meet Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Manchester , Chester & Preston.
You should keep in mind that both pregnancy and childbirth put a lot of stresses on your body, so it would be unsafe to have surgery soon after. We would prefer that patients return to their pre-pregnancy weight and wait at least three to six months after breastfeeding to allow the breasts and body to return to their new natural position.
Some tips on how to maintain your mummy makeover surgery results are as follows.
  • Maintain a healthy weight through your diet.
  • Avoid smoking and excess weight gain.
  • In addition to eating a healthy diet, you should participate in regular physical activity. Regular exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight and also keep your muscles strong and defined. This, in turn, will help you maintain a good posture and a nicely toned abdomen and arms and legs.
  • Try to keep your surgery scars out of the sun, especially while they are still healing. If you do plan on being out in the sun, make sure to wear sunscreen if appropriate or cover your scars with protective clothing.
  • With regards to the breasts, we do recommend patients continue to wear breast support to minimize gravitational effects on the breasts.

There is always scarring associated with surgery including a mummy makeover. An abdominoplasty, a breast lift, as well as a breast augmentation all involve some type of scarring. However, these generally heal very well and are well hidden by any bikini or bra garments.
You will always be recommended to avoid any sort of surgical procedure including a mummy makeover. This is because any type of medications needed in surgery including anesthetic and antibiotics, can be passed to your baby in your breast milk, so if you are still breastfeeding its better to wait for a mummy makeover.
Full mummy makeover includes breast surgery, tummy tuck with muscle repair, genital surgery and body contouring surgery.
You may need to undergo another surgery to improve your overall body contour as future pregnancy or the inevitable effects of ageing can alter the results of your first procedure.
No, you are allowed to have the procedure, as long as you have good physical and mental health. Before the procedure, your surgeon will check your health history to ensure that you are a good candidate.
Patients are recommended to wait six months to one year after the birth of their child before undergoing surgery. It is important to exercise as much as possible to lose weight and restore tone, muscle, and cardiovascular endurance before mummy makeover.
The location of the surgical scars will depend on the type of procedure you had. To reduce scar visibility, your surgeon will create the incisions along the natural folds of your skin typically under the breast and along the bikini line .
Yes, you can have children after having the mummy makeover surgery. However, it is better to complete your family before the procedure but patients should understand that future childbirth might alter the results of the surgery.
During the procedure of Mummy Makeover, general anesthesia will be administered. Patient might feel a little discomfort after the surgery for which pain medications will be prescribed. The pain and swelling will go away within a few days of medication.
  • Avoid heavy workout routines for 6 weeks.
  • Don't swim for 3 weeks.
  • Don't smoke and drink alcohol for at least 2 weeks after the surgery.
It is best to wait until after you have finished breast-feeding. Many of the anesthetics, pain medications and antibiotics can be passed in the breast milk and can be harmful to your baby. For breast procedures, it is often best to allow the breasts to reduce in size as much as possible after breastfeeding has stopped to give the best results for a restoration procedure.
There is no right age for getting a mummy makeover. However, it is recommended to avoid getting a Mummy Makeover until you are done with having all your children.
It is advised to wear a compression garments for four to six weeks after a Mummy Makeover.
No, it is important to wear a compression garment for the first six to eight weeks even when you are sleeping.

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Mummy Makeover FAQs

After your surgery, you will be asked to come in for a post-operative appointment and see our nursing staff at the Clinic . At this point your incision sites will be reviewed, and your preliminary healing will be assessed. Throughout the recovery period you will have full access to our 24/7 on call nursing service, and full access to the Clinic and our post-operative facilities. Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your recovery period.
As we get older our bodies continue to change and our skin loses its elasticity. The results of your mummy makeover will last many years but are not permanent. This is especially the case if you have any further pregnancies. This is why we advise that you only consider this procedure when you no longer wish to child-bear.
As each procedure in the mummy makeover is different, the recovery times for each varies too. The amount of time you will need to take off work will also depend on the type of job you have; inevitably, administrative jobs will be more swiftly resumed than occupations that require more strenuous activity.
During your recovery period, or for the first two months after your surgery, choose loose clothing. For ease of movement, choose pants and tops with elastic rather than zippers or buttons so that getting dressed is not too much of a hassle when you are dealing with soreness and childcare at the same time.
Yes Mummy Makeover Surgery is available in Manchester, you can book your appointment with breast andBody Clinic, Contact us now for Mummy Makeover Surgery in Manchester, Chester, London
A Mummy makeover involves a number of different procedures, it is more costly than many other plastic surgeries. You can contact our expert at breastandbody clinic to know the exact cost of Mummy Makeover
We at BreastAndBody clinic provide all information on Mummy Makeover surgery in UK. A Mummy makeover involves a number of different procedures. Please contact our expert cosmetic surgeon at breastandbody clinic to know everything about Mummy Makeover
The duration varies on conditions and Patients. Depending on exactly what is being done, you can expect your mummy makeover to take anywhere from four and a half to five and a half hours. But our expert Cosmetic surgeons will guide you after appointment and consultation
Yes we provide Video Consulation for Mummy Makeover patients at out BreastAndBody Clinic by Mr Siddiqui a very renowned name in Cosmetic Surgery, Book you appointment today.
The ideal candidate for a mummy makeover is any woman who wants to regain her pre-pregnancy body for her own self-fulfillment. Also, the individual should be in good health, not smoke, have no further plans to give birth to children, and have a healthy body weight.
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BreastAndBody Clinic in Manchester is a good place for Mummy Makeover with expert Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Siddiqui
Mummy makeover results can be long-lasting, even permanent if you would consider some factors. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle, stable weight, avoid smoking, alcohol use and sun exposure for smooth, beautiful long-lasting results. Also, pregnancy or nursing can also create some of the problems after the procedure. For this reason, your surgeon would suggest to wait until patients have completed their families before getting a breast lift or augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, or liposuction.
The safety of the patients is the key deciding factor in surgery. Depending on your surgeon and the set of procedures you recommended, many problematic areas can be covered in a single session of mummy makeover. However, it will depend on your body structure and how much procedure you can endure.

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