How to prepare for a Mummy Makeover


Before taking on your Mummy Makeover, it is best to prepare your body, mind, and overall wellness.

The Mummy Makeover is a collection of plastic surgeries that restores your body to its youthful or pre-pregnancy contour. Physical and emotional preparation will help to ensure that your recovery is easily manageable. The majority of the Mummy Makeover requires a general anaesthetic. You should stop smoking 6 weeks prior to surgery , preferably 3 months and stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements before surgery. You may need preoperative tests prior to surgery, which we will arrange if required.

Preparatory Steps for Mummy Makeover Surgery

Mummy makeover is an extensive cosmetic surgery. To achieve safe and desirable outcomes with this major surgery, the patient will be required to follow certain advance preparation steps.

  • Avoid smoking for at least 3 months prior to the procedure
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for two weeks before the surgery
  • Do not take aspirin, blood thinning drugs, vitamin E and herbal supplements for two weeks before the surgery
  • Arrange for someone responsible to drive the patient back home after the surgery and preferably have someone to assist the patient at home in the first few days
  • Eat healthy foods with lots of vitamins and minerals to help decrease the risk of infection and speed the healing process
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