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Breast Augmentation is one of the most frequently performed procedures in the UK. We also perform plastic and cosmetic surgeries across the UK – North West in Manchester, Liverpool, Newton le Willows, Chester, and in Harley Street Clinic in the city of London. Many women choose to have breast augmentation surgery to boost body confidence and to feel comfortable with their breasts.

If you are thinking about having breast augmentation surgery or exchange of implants or even augmentation with uplift, you should know that multiple factors go into determining the best implant shape and size for you. When considering any kind of cosmetic surgery procedure, the right surgeon must be chosen so that individually tailored advice can be given. With a well-informed decision, you will get the desired result and you will be satisfied with it.

How To Choose Your Breast ImplantsSizes and Shapes for You

Breast implants come in various shapes, sizes, and profiles which are equally important to your overall final result. The main factors for Breast Augmentation include:

Size: Volume and Diameter

The implant size is possibly the most important factor in terms of how implants will affect your appearance and most women find it is also the hardest choice to make. It is very common for women to change their minds a few times before coming to a final decision which is why it is important to meet with your surgeon more than once for Breast augmentation.

It should be clear that the breast implant sizes are not the same as bra cup sizes. The implant size is measured in the volume of silicone or saline in it and recorded as cc. Choosing the correct cc for breast augmentation will all depend on the size of your natural breasts and your build. We will need to know your chest wall and breast base which gives an idea of the implant base. Then there is also the projection you are looking for, which is the perkiness from the implant and breast tissue together.

This may all sound slightly daunting, however, your consultant will discuss all your options with you in your consultation to help you determine which size implant will give you the look that you desire.

Shape: Teardrop Vs Round

There are two shapes of implant that you will come across ‐ Teardrop or Round.

Round implants have a symmetrical shape, giving the breast the same level of fullness around which gives a soft, nicely proportioned look. This shape is especially good for those looking for upper pole fullness.

The teardrop shape has more volume on the lower half, which gives more fullness to the lower half of the implant. Therefore, the implant closely mimics the natural breast shape and creates a tapered upper pole transition. This shape is a great choice for those seeking a natural appearance.

Implant Profile

The profile of an implant refers to how much each implant projects forward from the chest. The profiles come in different types ‐ low and high. High implants will often give the fullest and most rounded results whereas low implants will have less projection and be less prominent.

How To Choose Your Breast ImplantsHow to Choose the Right Breast Implant Size and Shape

When you’re choosing breast implants (augmentation), there are many factors you should consider besides how the breast implants will look on your body. The most common factors that might influence your decision are:

  • Your body shape and frame size
  • The shape and size of your natural breasts
  • The look you want for your new breasts
  • Whether your breasts are sagging or drooping
  • The natural breast tissue you have
  • Your lifestyle and your physical activities

Discussing these options with your surgeon in the clinic and listening to suggestions on size and shape will help choose the right implant for you.

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