Can I Get a Tummy Tuck After a C-Section?


Can I Get a Tummy Tuck After a C-Section?

Yes, tummy tuck is perfectly safe and extremely commonfor women who want to get it after C-sections. In fact, many mothers choose to have a tummy tuck after a C-Section to regain their pre-pregnancy body and reduce the scarring from their C-Section procedure.

How Long After a C-Section Do You Have to Wait for a Tummy Tuck?

While tummy tucks after C-Sections are perfectly safe, you do have to wait a bit before undergoing tummy tuck surgery procedure. Dr. Aftab Siddiqui recommends you to wait 6 to 12 months after your C-Section to ensure that you have properly healed from that surgery. You should wait until your post-pregnancy weight has stabilized, as weight gain after a tummy tuck can also negatively impact your results.

Is Recovery after a Tummy Tuck Like Having a C-Section?

Many patients are concerned about how the recovery process of tummy tuck will be like. In this case C-sections are more painful than tummy tuck. In tummy tuck excess skin and fats are removed and in some cases it can also tighten the muscles while in C-section, the abdominal wall is cut through, organs are pulled out, the uterus is cut into and the baby is removed. As a result it is more painful than a tummy tuck surgery.

It is also easier to get relief during tummy tuck recovery as medications are not restricted in the same way as C-section. In C-section women are limited in the pain medications since it can harm breastfeeding infants.

With both procedures, you will need to rest and recover afterward. No heavy lifting and exercise should be done but you can move lightly. C-sections tend to have a longer recovery period while tummy tuck recovery time generally sees clients back to normal activity in about six weeks.

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