5 benefits of Breast Mastopexy(Breast Lift)


These are 5 benefits of a Breast Mastopexy(Breast Lift) to achieve a better breast appearance.

Improve your breast shape

Deflated breasts can lose the attractive shape you may be looking for in your breast appearance. Deflated breasts tend to take on a more tubular shape, mainly because the breast tissue starts accumulating below the inframammary line. By lifting the breast tissue, your surgeon is also able to create a more supple shape.

Firm up your breasts

While you want your breasts to sit high on the chest, you also want them to have a firmer look and feel. If you're experiencing sagging, your breasts have a deflated appearance and by lifting the breasts, we provide them with new support so they can maintain their firm appearance.

Youthful Breast Appearance

Breast sagging is common with aging, after pregnancy and weight loss. With a breast lift, we can restore that youthful position and projection of your desire and this could be the right procedure for you, if you want breasts that look and feel more youthful. Overall, a breast lift is one of the best ways to reverse the effects of aging, pregnancy and weight loss.

Reduced Breast Irritation

Many patients have breasts that hang below the inframammary line which can lead to rashes and general skin irritation. During your breast lift, your surgeon can also perform a minor breast reduction to reduce the amount of excess breast skin to improve painful chafing.

Improved Nipple Projection

Many degrees of ptosis are identified by poor nipple projection. If your drooping breasts have nipples that point downward toward the floor, a breast lift can reverse this effect. By reshaping the breasts, the nipple-areolar complex can also be repositioned. This results in a more natural, forward nipple projection.

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