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Breast Augmentation Facts


Facts about Breast Augmentation

A Breast Augmentation procedure involves using breast implants to increase fullness and projection of your breasts. The procedure can also restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy, achieve a more rounded breast shape or improve natural breast size asymmetry and most importantly enhance your self-confidence.

Many women have lots of important questions about Breast Augmentation. To help you start off your Breast Augmentation journey, we have put together a short blog post to guide you along the way. ⁠⁠

Why Is Keller Funnel Used in Breast Augmentation?

The Keller Funnel is a tool used to insert Breast implants and is designed to minimise stress to the breast implant. This technique is considered as the gold standard technique for implant insertion as it reduces the chance of bacterial contamination. Not only does this reduce the risk of capsular contracture but also the risk of infection.

What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is when you remove fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts. This option is great for those who want to increase their breast size and have a natural result with minimal amount of scarring. ⁠⁠

Why do Patients get Capsular Contraction?

Capsular contraction is a common complication of breast implants. A capsule is simply just a natural response to a foreign object inside the body. It can become problematic when the capsule becomes thick and hard. There are few predisposing factors: ⁠⁠

  • Bacterial infection
  • Body producing too much fibrous tissue around the implant
  • Haematoma (when blood gathers outside the blood vessels and becomes solid)

There is no way to fully prevent capsular contraction, however to lower the likelihood of developing we take special measures like washing the implants with antibiotic solution, washing the breast pocket with antibiotics solution and use Keller Funnel to place the implant inside the breast pocket. You should gently massage your breasts during the healing process, stop smoking before and after surgery and alway ask your surgeon to recommend which type of implant is best for you.⁠⁠

What are Tubular Breasts?

Tuberous breasts are characterised by conical shape breast rather than round. They can be caused by a skin deficiency that occurs during development generally at the bottom of the breast. This condition can have a profound impact on a woman’s appearance and self-esteem.

You will need to see a Consultant Plastic Surgeon to assess the condition and make plan for correction of all issues with the breast. At times more than one procedure may be required to address the breast deformity.

Women with following issues with breast might be suitable for tuberous breast corrective procedure:

  • Breasts with a conical shape
  • Narrow breast base
  • Top half of the breast is flat
  • Breasts with significant drooping
  • An unusually wide cleavage
  • Enlarged or puffy areola
  • A substantial difference between the breasts

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